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Today Davy, Jacob and I explored an awesome out/back trail pretty close to home. We maaaay have built up a couple of features to add some freeride elements to the ride.  It was a 2.8-mile climb (about a mile was annoyingly steep and soft so we hiked it) but the view from the top and the fast downhill made the slog worth it.  Pretty sweet stuff only 30 minutes from our house!


Rock droppage



Leafy fun trail



I found three of these juicy walking sticks while clearing part of the trail.




Hideous view




Jacob taking it all in




The Southern Traverse

Perfect fall weather dictated one last trip on the Southern Traverse IMBA epic this year. It was leafy. Davy cut out about eight downed trees. I went down once. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!


Deerfield Road is ridiculously pretty.



The view from Shenandoah Mountain Trail is pretty stellar.

The Three Amigos on Spec Mines and Dody Ridge

Finally rode these trails less than an hour from my house and they were awesome! We took our time and explored, took pictures, and effed around in general. Fantastic day in the woods with Davy and Jacob.







I have been a climber for years but never truly dedicated myself to climbing my best, especially since becoming obsessed with mountain biking. This January I decided that is was high time I sent a 5.12. I received training guidance from my friend Dan Hague, owner of Rise Up Climbing and author of “The Self Coached Climber” and “Redpoint.” I spent a few months working on my endurance and building some strength, then spent a few sessions working my project, Control, a 5.12a at Kaymoor, New River Gorge WV. I was down to one fall at the crux, which was a throw from tiny crimpers. I kept blowing it and had to lower off and try again several times….until Sunday. When I finally stuck that throw my partner, Jason, and I both yelled with excitement because we knew it was in the bag after that move. Clipping the anchors was euphoric and I have been strutting around all week feeling proud. We call that “peacocking” around here! Thanks a million to my climbing partner/friend Jason for being so darn supportive.



Dan (sitting), Jason and me having a blast at the New.

My favorite trails

Saturday Kat and I took an impromptu trip to Carvins Cove. Carvins is one of my favorite places to ride because it’s close, it’s beautiful, and the trails are amazing. Kat and I like to tool around on bikes and chat for hours, only pausing our conversation long enough to “shred” the downhills. We call it a “ya-ya ride.”

The wild irises were blooming trailside yesterday, which was special to me for very personal reasons.



And then this particularly bad parking job happened….


Blue Ridge Parkway to Whetstone Ridge

I love riding my bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway alone. I ride slow, trying not to feel any burn in my legs. I take in all of the views, enjoy the lack of traffic, listen to music (in one ear, of course), and let my mind wander.

Friday I rode from the James River visitor center to Whetstone Ridge and back, which is a 68 mile ride with about 6000 feet of climbing. I LOVE living near this wonderful resource. Here are a few pictures that certainly don’t do the views enough justice but will have to suffice.





Our Wednesday night GLOC group
riders enjoyed the sunset atop Candlers Mountain last night. It was just what I needed! Perfect route, perfect weather, great company. Thanks for delivering, Lynchburg.